«Privacy policy in law», cenzura, secret de stat la Sankt-Petersburg: Conferinta

General and professional education committee ofLeningradregion


Nizhny Novgorod Regional department of Russian society of historian-archivists


invite historians and lawyers to take part


in the international science conference


«Privacy policy in law»


that will take place on April 4-5, 2012


The goal of the conference is to unite scientific societies of historians and lawyers for studying relevant and ill developed issues of judicial science and history of state and law, developing new knowledge and sharing experience.

The aims of the conference are to provide an opportunity to discuss for the first time the history of the development and realization of privacy policy in law, not only in Russia, but also abroad; to create the intellectual foundation for the further studies of important problems in judicial science, to define possibilities of scientific issues, connected to the work of privacy policy.


Major fields of work:

  • · military and state secret inRussiabefore the revolution
  • · commercial secret inRussiabefore revolution
  • · personal secret, letters and other types of secret information inRussiabefore revolution
  • · military and state secret in RSFSR andUSSR
  • · private life, letters in RSFSR andUSSR
  • · history of secret clerical correspondence inRussiaandUSSR
  • · special funds in libraries, museums and archives ofUSSR. History and legal base
  • · privacy policy in modern law ofRussian Federationin 1991-2011
  • · theoretical questions of the privacy policy. Privacy policy in Europe, theUSA, East.


Conference allows postal participation. Conference application form and article matters should be sent to the e-mail not later than April 1,  2012. Application form must contain: the title of the report; first name, second name and surname of the author; academic degree and rank, position; full name of the organization they represent.; address where the conference book should be sent, telephone, e-mail of the author; participation form (live/postal).

Works, published in this international conference are equal to the work publications in major reviewed scientific journals and publications, which reflect the main scientific results of dissertation.

Organizing committee reserves the right to pick out the articles for publication in the “Leningrad judicial magazine” (recommended by the HAC – Higher Attestation Commission – for the publications in “Science of law” subject).

The cost of 1 article publication: 1 page – 200 RUB (5 EUR). Size of the article is from 5 to 10 pages. Norms of work appearance are according to government standart. Word, line spacing 1.

Payment receipt (with account details ofPushkinLeningradStateUniversity) is sent to the author together with the confirmation, that the article is accepted to be printed.



Conference works Books are sent to the authors if the postage expenses are paid: around Russia– 100 RUB (3 EUR), for the foreign participants – 300 RUB (8 EUR). For more information about the conference, accomodation and participation phone: (812) 466-80-29 (the Department of the theory and history of state and right) or send an e-mail: kaftigp@gmail.com (with the mark “privacy policy conference”). Executive secretary Ksenia Malych.


Our Address:196605, St. Petersburg, Pushkin, Peterburgskoe Shosse 10

Organization committee


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